How to Create & Manage my account

Nassco Limited's new website,, has many areas that will improve our service to customers and allow users to keep a record of their services and parts request at the same time.

Having trouble contacting our Service Department to book an appointment? Simply request a service online and one of our friendly Service Advisors will contact you to confirm your booking.

The same applies to customers of the Parts Department! Simply complete the Parts Request form and include the model and chassis number, and our Informational Specialist from the Parts Department will contact you with the requested information!

In order to fully utilize the benefits offered by our website, you will need to sign up for your own account and enter your vehicle information. This is especially important when you want to book a service online or request parts online. Once the vehicle information, such as the chassis and model number are entered once, you will not need to provide these numbers any longer when requesting parts or services online.

This is even more beneficial for those who own more than one vehicle, as each time you request a service online, it is recorded, and will provide you with a full history of what has been done on each vehicle!

In order to sign up for an account, please follow these easy steps:

1) Access our website at

2) Look underneath the Toyota Logo for the link “My Toyota Login”

3) Click the Register Here link located next to the “GO” button.

4) Enter the requested information and press the “Submit” button.

5) Once this has been completed, click on the “My Toyota Login” link again.

6) Enter your email address and your password. This should give you access to your My Toyota account.

Adding your vehicle information

7) Click the “Add additional vehicles” button.

8) Fill out the necessary information, including the Chassis number and please insert the model number in the “Model Edition” box.

9) Click the “Add Vehicle” button.

That’s it! You are now ready to request services or request parts online for your vehicle. If you would like to add another vehicle, please repeat steps 7 to 9.

To Request a Service Online

In order to request a service online, please follow these steps.

1) Log in to your My Toyota account

2) Click the “Service Requests” tab

3) Select the vehicle that you wish to book a service for.

4) Select the requested date. Please note that this date needs to be at least two weeks from the current date.

5) Select the Service Type required

Note: Generally Nassco Limited recommends a Full Service every 10,000 kilometers, and a Service Only every 5,000 kilometers.

Please see the below information for detailed information on Service Types:

Morning Express Service Bring your vehicle by 7:30 AM and have it back by 11:30 AM!

The Express Service includes: Oil & Filter Change, Underbody & Engine wash and spray, vacuum of internals, Armorall.

See our Express Service Flyer for more details.
Full Service A Full Service Includes: Cleaning & Adjusting Brakes, Mechanical Checks, Tuning Engine, Oil & Filter Change, Engine & Underbody Wash & Spray, Checking fluid levels, Vacuum, Armorall.

See our Labour Charges flyer for more details. Please note that these prices are not inclusive of lubricants or parts.
Service Only

A Service Only Includes: Oil Change, Oil Filter Change, Underbody Wash & Spray, Engine Wash & Spray, Vacuum, Armorall

Flat Service A Flat Service Includes: Body, Engine & Underbody wash, Vacuum, Armorall.
Custom If you would like to configure your own service from the options displayed, please choose this option.

6) Select any other services that you would like performed on your vehicle. Depending on what is requested, it is important to know that your vehicle may take more than one day to complete

7) Click the “Create Service Request” button.

Once your request has been submitted, one of our Service Advisors will contact you to confirm the booking.

Thank you for choosing NASSCO Limited.


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